A quality high school education in the U.S. is hardly a given. Private school offerings vary dramatically, not having to adhere to the same state assessments and standards public schools do. Meanwhile, public schools in many counties and states suffer from a lack of funds and thereby a lack of governmental support. Such schools are typically forced to underpay their staff and to forego advanced courses and electives.

While it’s important to recognize the gaps in our education system, it’s also useful to spotlight the schools doing things right, whether that’s to keep parents informed of the best options for their kids or to help school boards and administrators nationwide better understand what it takes for public and private schools, respectively, to succeed.

Below you’ll find our 2015 ranked lists of the 50 best private high schools and 50 best public high schools in the U.S. Our ranked profiles set out to capture what each school does to invest in the academic excellence of its students, the factor that ultimately explains why a school deserves to be called a leader in education.


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